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Ohio Tele-Net LLC PA SpeakerOur experienced technicians are trained on all kinds, types and sizes of Overhead Horn Paging System PA Intercom System. Old or new, large or small we have serviced them.
Night ringers, volume controls, feedback eliminators, event timers, horns, bells and whistles. We service them, we install them and we aren’t guessing, we know them.
We have many amplifiers, speakers and repair parts in stock at our office to get your Overhead Horn Paging System PA Intercom System up and operating the same day. Our suppliers can provide us with almost any equipment including unusual and outdated brands. We can usually have your system operational by the next morning.

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“Group Call” bestow you to account any combination of two or more individual zonula together. Valcom’s Overhead Loudspeaker Paging is Essential to Every Business! Companies can improve productiveness, personnel ability and augment safety and assurance!

Instantly confer with everyone or an solitary region/family without disrupting other areas. And with safeness being of strong business of businesses, Valcom’s Overhead Loudspeaker Paging can also foresee exigency notification through Valcom speakers, spike, optical presage and information processing system soda pop-standing! Most call systems offer qualified paging capabilities.

Valcom Overhead Loudspeaker Paging installs quickly and conveniently and is the most pain-effective solution to finished your speaker paging indispensably! Other characteristic include:

Find People When Not at Their Desk
Reduces Call Back Times
Increase Safety & Security
Notify Everyone for Quick Evacuation
Single or Multizone, All Call & Group Call
Talkback Paging
Override Access
Door Entry/Security Management
Background Music

One-Way Self-Amplified Paging (UTP Wiring)
Speaker Selection – Interior, Desk Speaker, Clean Room
Horns & Harsh Environments
SoundMasking™ Speakers – Built-in White Noise Masking
Telephone Paging Gateways – Analog Single/Multiple
IP Telephone Paging Gateways – SIP Single/Multiple
Power Supplies – Power Self-Amplified Speakers, etc.
Accessories – Bridges, Backboxes, Horn Guards, Tones
Analog One-Way Self-Amplified Paging

Do it yourself guidebook

Talkback Analog Paging (UTP Wiring)
Talkback Speaker Selection – Interior, Desk Speakers, Special Purpose, Door Entry
Horns & Harsh Environments
Talkback Telephone Paging Gateways – Analog
IP Telephone Paging Gateways – SIP Single/Multiple
Accessories – Bridges, Backboxes, Horn Guards, Tones
Analog Talkback Paging
Do it yourself direct

IP One-Way & Talkback Paging (IP Network)
IP Speaker Selection – Interior, SIP, InformaCast
IP Horn & Harsh Environments – SIP, InformaCast, Horns
IP Paging Gateways – SIP, InformaCast
Accessories – Overhead Horn Paging System Bridges, Backboxes, Horn Guards, Tones
IP One-Way or Talkback Paging
Do it yourself guide.

Overhead Horn Paging System



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